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Shaka Boom Mp3 Download Lyrics

Composer : Jass Manak
Music : Deep Jandu
Video Director : Satti Dhillon
DOP : Shinda Singh
Editor : Zipsi
VFX Director : InsideAKY
Asst. VFX director : Himanshu Dhar
VFX Compositors : Gaurav Manku & Navi Joshi
Choreographer : Sahaj Singh
Assistant Director : Sumit Kumar & Aashish Prasad
Colorist : The Post Brothers (Ercan Kucuk)
Art Director : Karma Arts
Steadicam : Harman (HMC)
Styled By : Priyaana Thapar & Slay King
Dancer Costume : Jitan Kaur
Hairstylist : Ali Khan
Makeup : Rajan Passi
Asst. Choreographer : Prianka Mitra & Pranjal Dutta
Stills & Photography : Blue Sky Filmz
Line Producer : RS Films Production
Jib Operator : Gaurav
Dancers Makeup : Prabh Make Overz & Team
Juniors Casting : Monika Hans
Asst. Prod. : Jaadu & Rajat
Poster Designer : The Town Media
Artist Management : Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon
Produced : KV Dhillon
Reel & Online Promotion : GK Digital
Music Label : Geet MP3

Music Consultant & Digital Partner : GK Digital

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